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Retreat to La Flor

Our Casitas family offers you space to rejuvenate & reconnect to the serenity of nature, community & a simpler lifestyle while enjoying some of the best Costa Rican experiences out there.

Welcome to a beautiful, rural Costa Rican experience.  These lovingly designed, fully-equipped Casitas and an accompanying café in our rural, welcoming community of La Flor in the heart of the Northern Central Valley and the Rio Cuarto Canton of Costa Rica are a truly rare find perfect for anyone looking for an authentic look into rural Costa Rican life without sacrificing access to tons of amazing outings and day trips just a short drive away!  Our grounds are a paradise for bird-lovers, as parrots, toucans, aracaris, the occasional macaw and countless others call it home. Howler monkeys can be heard in the distance and iguanas, basilisks, poison dart frogs, and the occasional sloth are found in the trees here.  The property is home to more than 120 different tree species, including a budding tropical fruit orchard.   Designed to be a truly cozy, home-away-from-home, a place you will want to linger, relax, disconnect from the busyness of life and reconnect instead to friends, family, community, and nature, Casitas Joys & Leo can serve as the perfect stopover en route to larger, more touristy destinations, a family retreat in and of itself, or a weekend vacation cabin offering tons of great day-trips nearby.