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Get to know Go Tico! Costa Rica

Meet our sister company: Go Tico! Costa Rica.  Go Tico! looks to provide unparalleled travel experiences.  Unparalleled in that they are real and true to the culture of Costa Rica.  

Based out of our host community of La Flor, Go Tico! works with small groups (families, retreats, schools, students) to coordinate and host unforgettable travel experiences to the Northern Central valley of Costa Rica.  


We provide school groups the chance to live in home stays, practice their Spanish, provide service to rural communities, and make lifelong friendships with Tico peers.  We work with schools to creatively fundraise, not only building community but also making these trips available to students regardless of economic status.

We design customized travel for groups with specific goals traveling to Costa Rica, anything from drumming retreats to family vacations.

We coordinate travel that groups, families and individuals can join to experience Costa Rica off the beaten path.  Find an predetermined itinerary that fits your style, pick your dates, and we'll look forward to picking you up at the airport in San Jose to get your adventure started.

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