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Let us welcome you to La Flor...

...the lovely community we call home.  In this 300-ish person town, you will find a much different experience from the hustle and bustle of a bigger city, the familiarity of the beach, or the touristy vibe of the big resorts.  

Here, instead, you will experience real, small-town Costa Rica.  You will find friendly, welcoming residents.  You will buy fruit from verduleros (mobile fruit vendors) or cheese made from fresh milk from one of your neighbors.  You could request a massage in-casa from a La Flor resident in massage school. You will see fruit growing on trees and cows grazing in pastures outside your door. You will be amazed at the peace and quiet, the tranquility and simpleness of life here that allows you to really be present in why you are here and what you are experiencing.   


Toucans will fly overhead and their chirps will be accompanied by tens of other species of birds that fill the trees all around you.  Each afternoon, flocks of green parrots will squak their hearts out in the trees next door.   Your kids will be welcome to play pick-up soccer in the local plaza or try some local produce growing on the trees around the property.  You can enjoy strolling around the property to see pineapples growing, chickens milling about, or get a visit from Zuli, our friendly four-legged ambassador.  Enjoy board games or a puzzle with your family or sit out on the porch and watch the sunset while reading a good book. At dusk, step out onto the street on a clear evening in front of your house to take in a view of the Arenal Volcano.  At night, sit around a bonfire and gaze up at the millions of stars that are visible without light pollution.  From here, you can set out to explore the amazing and untrampled Rio Cuarto region of Costa Rica and return home at the end of the day to your own little home away from home, enjoying freshly prepared meals in our cafe or on your own right in your own kitchen.


Here in La Flor, you will get more than vacation.  You will experience a different lifestyle.

"Anyone can go on vacation, but not everyone gets to truly live another country's lifestyle.​"

La Flor is located on the base of the Central Mountain Range, two hours north of the SJO Airport in the Rio Cuarto county of Costa Rica. Our property is home to over 120 tree species and stunning animals from sloths to iguanas and more!

Located in the middle of the country, we are the perfect stopping grounds on your trip to other parts of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Casitas Stopover Map (1).png
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