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Hi, we're Sara & Johel. Nice to meet you.

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Named for an acronym for our family (Johel - Oliver - Yorela - Sara - Leo), these casitas were a project envisioned by Johel years ago with the dream of bringing people to his hometown of La Flor through an authentic Costa Rican travel experience. As a long-standing English as a Second Language teacher, Sara also has a passion for experiencing the world and hopes to share this passion with not only her children but anyone looking for an opportunity to experience under-explored, genuine reflections of the country. 


Learn more about Sara and Johel's dream by watching the videos here!




Our Values

The Importance of Immersive, Authentic Travel

Wellness Focus

The community of the floor is an authentic rural Costa Rican experience. Staying in Las Casitas allows you and your family time to disconnect and enjoy our abundant nature and immersive community living.  We prioritize health and wellness so you will leave Las Casitas feeling rejuvenated.

Community Engagement

The lovely, tranquil community of La Flor is what makes Las Casitas so unique that we strive to give back.  We run a Community Library, encourage a love for reading, and frequently volunteer our time at local schools.  You can be assured that staying at Las Casitas will not only be an incredible experience for yourself but also support the community around you.

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Cultural Immersion

Staying at Las Casitas is a peaceful and rejuvenating experience but we encourage our guests to immerse themselves in the community around them.  While living with us in La Flor, you will experience the authentic Tico way of life.  We offer local food, tours of local agriculture, and support interaction with the community organically or through our community engagement activities. 

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